EatSafe Learnings from Phase I Research in Nigeria: Formative Research to Intervention Design

EatSafe is implemented in two phases: Phase I – Formative Research and Phase II – Intervention Implementation and Learning. In Phase I, EatSafe combined global evidence with target county situational analyses.1 For the purposes of this report, the targeted country situational analysis focused on Nigeria. This phased approach gave EatSafe an in-depth understanding of the cultural context and the consumer values and perceptions related to food safety that informed the design of interventions. In Phase II, based on the learnings from Phase I, EatSafe will implement a series of interventions using appropriate and feasible quasi-experimental designs to generate new knowledge on how to engage and empower consumers to demand safe, nutritious food in traditional markets.

This report provides a summary of EatSafe’s 12 global reports and 13 Nigeria-specific products from Phase I, highlighting how the results of the studies have influenced the design of interventions and inform future studies in Phase II of the EatSafe program in Nigeria.



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